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The challenge of succession in African politics


If anything ever works in the continent of Africa, Patrick Chabal and Jean-Pascal Doloz argued, it works through “disorder” where a strange mixture of “smiling and suffering” go together. How does this affect politics? In the thinking of these two European scholars, Africans are people that have elevated chaos and disorder into a political method and have naturalized the combination …

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European Parliament says EU to allocate 40 bn to Africa in next budget

European Parliament

TUNIS – The European Union intends to allocate 40 billion euros towards Africa in its next budget, said European Parliament President Antonio Tajani on October 31, 2017. He spoke at a press conference following his speech at the Tunisian Parliament in Bardo Palace, and emphasised how Tunisia will benefit from the budget increase. He said development opportunities and investment in …

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Survey: Interest In Politics Among African Youths Based On Education


Youth in Africa with higher levels of education have more interest in politics than those with less education or without any form of schooling. This was revealed in a report released by research organisation Afrobarometer in Constitution Hill on Friday in South Africa. Rorisang Lekalake‚ Afrobarometer assistant project manager in southern Africa‚ said that in the 36 countries surveyed education …

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16 African countries hold national elections in 2016

This year is set to be a busy one for politics in Africa, with 16 countries preparing to hold national elections. What’s at stake for some of the countries? More than a dozen African countries are expected to hold presidential elections in 2016. Some are being watched closely in the lead up to their respective polls. 15 million Ugandans are …

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Obama’s strategy towards Africa

The projection that African population will double by 2050, has increased the importance of the continent. The growing competition due to the interests of China, India and the other powers in energy and mineral resources, is wanted to be controlled by the USA. The United States is trying to improve the relations with the key countries, with whom cooperation may …

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Rocky Dawuni talks Africa politics

Rocky Dawuni and John Legend I first featured Rocky Dawuni on my blog in March of 2012 but prior to that, we’ve had a relationship lasting beyond that timeline and it was in my attempt to check in on him recently that gave birth to this piece where we got to talk about what is new with him and Africa politics. Below is …

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