Havana Chapman-Edwards Returns to Ghana to Fight for Girls’ Education

Two years ago, interviewed Havana Chapman-Edwards aka “The Tiny Diplomat” before she made her first trip to Ghana to visit the St. Bakhita Orphanage in Ghana’s capital city Accra. Turn full circle and in March 2020 Havana has another trip to Ghana.

Havana was living in Washington D.C., United States (US) at the time, but she travels around the world with her diplomat family. After living in 6 countries and visiting a total of over 30 countries, she has seen first hand that she can’t make the world strong if she leaves people behind.

Havana and her friend Taylor Richardson aka “Astronaut Starbright” have since raised over $40,000 US dollars for financial support in their bid to not leave friends behind. They as well have collected books, school supplies, etc. for distribution to those that need them.

Havana (right) with Taylor Richardson in front of the Black Star Monument in Accra, Ghana during the first trip. Photo courtesy Biracial Bookworms

Havana is now at her next diplomatic post in Germany, and got the scoop about her plans to return to Ghana for the second time to bring $15,000 US dollars worth of clothing in collaboration with the ‘Look Good Do Good‘ initiative at KIDBOX. Havana is on the Kid’s Board of Directors for KIDBOX for 2019-2020. Boy this girl is on fire!

Additionally, Havana alongside 9 other young children were featured on the Today Show in the US for their philanthropic efforts as shown in her tweet below.

Over the past few months, Havana fundraised for her upcoming trip back to Ghana through this GoFundMe page. She also donated the profits from her own clothing design, encouraging other kids in the process with her catchphrase “I may be tiny, but my voice is not.”

Collaboration with Other Young People

Havana has enlisted the help of other young philanthropists for her trip. She strongly believes that people are stronger when they work together. Fighting for girl’s education means caring about all the different obstacles that prevent too many girls around the world from accessing an education.

She has received donations from fellow a KIDBOX board member Jahkil Jackson who runs his own non-profit Project I Am in Chicago to donate blessing bags full of toiletries essentials.

Havana is bringing a large donation of menstrual hygiene products from Nadya Okamoto’s non-profit organization PERIOD Movement with her for the Ghana trip.

Finally, Havana is also in her 4th year of Girl Scouts as a Brownie. She is bringing a bag full of journals and pens donated by the Girls Scouts Organization to empower the girls to write their goals and dreams for their future. will keep you posted as The Tiny Diplomat embarks on her sequel trip to Ghana.

Be sure to follow Havana Chapman-Edwards on her trip back to Ghana this March 2020 on Instagram and Twitter via @thetinydiplomat and remember, you’re not too tiny to have a big impact!


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