Wrap Up: ChaleWote Street Arts Festival 2015

In the past couple of days, the hashtag #Chalewote has been buzzing around on social media across arts-in-general enthusiasts in the Ghana who converged at James Town, Accra to enjoy this year’s festival. For ‘CapeTownians’, this festival is similar to Infecting the City, an arts festival organized by The Africa Centre yearly.

Chalewote Festival goer

“Chale Wote”, which is roughly translated from the Ga language as, “Chale (‘paddy’ or friend), let’s go”, is a right theme for the diverse display of arts on the streets of James Town. Yes, Let’s Go! This year’s event marked the fifth in a row organized by Accra [dot] Alt Radio with support from other partners.

The festival targets exchanges between scores of local and international artists and patrons by creating and appreciating art together.

What you would expect to find at the Chale Wote Street Art Festival are “street painting, graffiti murals, photography, theater, spoken word, interactive art installations, live street performances, extreme sports, film shows, a fashion parade, a music block party, recyclable design workshops” and with all, aren’t you gonna be entertained?

#TheAfricanDream, went onto social media, picking some of the pictures we think are nice, and sharing them with you. Kobe Bigs, for instance, has compiled many of his favorite pictures from the two-day event on his blog. By the way, its amazing to see how iPhone can take stunning shots.

Plans for Next Year?

#TheAfricanDream is all about sharing the African story, including arts and culture (and fun), from an African perspective. With that in mind, #TheAfricanDream will be taking part in the next Chalewote edition, handling a spot not taken by any at the moment. #TheAfricanDream will run a photo contest next year, in an attempt to award the best photograph taken during the event.

The goal is to push many to take as many quality pictures as possible, while ensuring the best of all is appreciated. We believe such initiative will be an exciting one for all.

How about live-streaming ChaleWote 2016 to YouTube? We’re still considering the possibilities, and will update you accordingly what we arrive on. Until then, enjoy some of our picture picks for this year’s event.

Photos from Campus Base

Photos from MediaHouse360

Photos from Lovinggh


Obviously, the images shared within this post are just the fringes of the total sum of all the images taken during this year’s event, which beyond all doubts, has been a great success. Follow the #ChaleWote hashtag on social media to see more photos.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t see all images shared from everyone. If you think you took an awesome photo and wish to see that added to this blog post, you’re welcome to email me a link to it online via or leave the image link in the comments below.

Remember, next year, there’s a Chale Wote Street Art Festival Photo Contest organized by #TheAfricanDream. You surely don’t wanna miss! And remember to follow TheAfricanDream for more updates


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