Book Review – In the Last Days of America’s Hegemony by Wilfred Ruhega

The book: In the Last Days of America’s Hegemony

Number of Pages: 204 Kindle / 206 paperback

Author: Wilfred Ruhega

Theme: Politics & Social Sciences

Publisher: Self-Published

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The discussions surrounding America’s hegemony are sempiternal and have many ontological inconsistencies. There is one school of thought that says America’s hegemony is ending. They argue that if economic power forms the long-term foundation for political and military power, it would mean that America is in terminal decline because it is projected that China will be a major economic threat to America in two decades to come.

And yet there is another school of thought that argues that cycles of hegemony run in centuries, not decades. Their reason has its roots in history. They say when the United Kingdom finally defeated Napoleon at Waterloo in 1815, its national resources were completely exhausted.

Britain’s public-debt-to-GDP ratio was over 250 percent, and early nineteenth-century governments lacked access to the full range of fiscal and financial tools that are available today. Yet the British Century was only just beginning. The Pax Britannica and the elevation of Queen Victoria to become empress of India were just around the corner.

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Both systems of beliefs are carefully analyzed in a book titled In the Last Days of America’s Hegemony: Telltales and Proofs the US is Waning by a renowned historian who specializes in ancient and modern world history, ancient civilizations, days of empires, people, and power, in the person of Mr. Wilfred Ruhega.

Front/back cover of the book courtesy its author

The history of world civilizations bears incontestable witnesses to the rise and fall of empires. The truth in this analytical book details evidence to prove that all superpowers have had paths and progressions. There is a series of milestones each strong power must cross before it begins falling back. This author presents portending pieces of evidence the USA just crossed the last of those milestones, she has now turned towards a loss of greatness.

Today’s America isn’t the hegemony Woodrow Wilson had in mind in 1917. This US is easing downhill. All telltales point to a waning civilization – and there are Old Rome, Macedonia, and Persia to help decipher all there is.

Mr. Wilfred Ruhega, having trained in Ancient History through Undergraduate and Graduate levels, fell in love with the mysteries of powers. That is, humanity’s transformation from politics to nations, colonization, dominions, empires, and civilizations. In short, he became an avid learner of power dynamics in the life cycles of civilizations. It all started with a one-time dissertation on “The Event of Transformation from Hunter-Foragers to Early Food production“.

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The dynamics he learned vis-à-vis Early Food Production, Peopling, Social and State formations, Colonization, Empires, and eventually civilizations therefore impacted his current views on and analysis of societies. He can readily see a suspicious development in hegemony and sharply connect to telltales of imminent social dislocations.

This is the knowledge he uses to look into empires, the relationship between people and power, and hence point out the Seeds of Destruction. By the way if you are purchasing online via then you are in luck, because the first 32 pages are free for your teasing, enjoy it, else we highly recommend you purchase the book.

The book, In the Last Days of America’s Hegemony, studies the USA – the present imperial power that holds this global order in place. Mr. Ruhega revealed to that he has another project going on that will lead to a publication to be titled “Humanity’s Eventual Problem“. which will dwell on tracing days and times of respective civilizations.

But for now, we encourage you to grab a copy of The Last Days of America’s Hegemony on Amazon via this link below…

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