How Atlantic Essential Development aids underserved communities

Atlantic Essential Development (AED) is a 501c(3) humanitarian aid organization committed to providing lifesaving and life-enhancing programs to underserved communities across the globe from the United States (US).

AED as a nonprofit funds its lifesaving, support programs in remote communities globally through donations and assistance provided by its network of volunteers, partners and donors. This support includes safe drinking water, personal sanitation and hygiene kits, emergency medical supplies, family enrichment programs, and educational programs and trainings. 

The US-based nonprofit was founded in Atlanta, Georgia by Stephen O. Aboagye who serves as the organisation’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Jonathan P. Johnson is the nonprofit’s co-founder, and serves as its Chief Operations Officer (COO). 

Stephen and Jonathan contribute over 43 years combined experience in business entrepreneurship, humanitarian services, international relations, and management of non-profit operations across the globe to make a difference in people’s lives.

Board members include Stephen (President of the Board), Eric Ansah-Antwi, Winston Bandoh, Walter Carmack, Tony Hardiz, Brian Hardrick and Karen Moosman. 

“Our mission has always been to alleviate suffering in vulnerable communities by providing life essential resources. We dream to create a bright future for underprivileged people” said AED to in a statement. 


1. The Mother’s Newborn Kit

Under the “Mother’s Newborn Kit” project, AED funds expectant mothers who cannot provide for themselves and their babies the necessary items hospitals require for their deliveries. The nonprofit accepts donations to “help us give the unborn child the means to come into this world in a clean and safe environment,” said AED. 

With a $25 donation, AED can provide the following items for one mother:

Disposable under-pad (23 x 36), 2 qty – alcohol prep pads, sterile disposable scalpel #10, 2 qty – 4×4 sterile gauze sponges, soap (small bar), sterile baby nasal aspirator, maternity pad, mesh panties (disposable – large), 2 qty – sterile umbilical clamps, pair of surgical gloves (sterility packaged in pairs), newborn receiving blanket, newborn cap/beanie (unisex), newborn diaper, and a gallon zipper storage bag.

“When I was growing up, my mother struggled a lot…. I saw her go to the hospital to give birth. The nurses were willing to help, but they informed her that she needed to go buy all the supplies she would need for the delivery. Because she did not have money, it was a struggle. Mothers need to be respected, loved, and cared for. That has always been my goal. I want every mother to be taken care of. That’s why AED also assembles and distributes Mother’s Newborn Kits,” said Stephen.

2. Disaster Relief 

During disasters, AED initiates its Disaster Response Protocol to provide assistance to communities and individuals affected by natural or man-made disasters. This aid typically includes emergency services, food, shelter, medical care, and support for recovery efforts. 

AED works closely with known partners on the ground and other NGOs they can assess to assist with available supplies and clothing in time of disasters.

“Your support ensures that we equip healthcare professionals, medical mission teams, partner organizations and local hospitals and clinics with the supplies and equipment needed most to save lives. We cannot do this without your kindness and support,” said AED. 

3. Water Projects

One of the solutions AED has found is to drill water wells close to villages, in partnership with Koyo Enterprises. These wells need to access aquifers up to 250 feet below the earth’s surface in order to bring clean drinking water to those in need.

“1.8 billion people throughout the world lack access to healthy drinking water. Over 2 million deaths occur every year, due to illnesses directly related to contaminated drinking water. 90% of those deaths are children under the age of 5, as their bodies simply aren’t strong enough to fight off disease,” said AED in a statement. 

“AED is grateful for organizations like ours that provide needed water to underserved communities. We also have an option for people to sponsor their own well. When you sponsor your own well, you will receive a customized plaque prepared with your personal information to be mounted on your well”. To donate to AED, click HERE or visit their website at for more information.


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