Power of “The Return Baptism” done at Assin Manso Slave River in Ghana

Please know, the Ministry of the Future (MOF) has played an important role in awakening the Ghana government; that is, Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA), to the historical and Prophetical significance of the African Diaspora Burial Site and Slave River at Assin Manso in the Central Region of Ghana.

According to Dr. Maulana of the MOF, The ‘Year of Return’ 2019 saw high numbers of African Americans plus other African Diaspora patronage during the August 1 Emancipation Day Celebrations at Assin Manso, the African Diaspora Burial Site, and the Slave River. African Americans and other African Diaspora came out in the tens of thousands to these and other historic sites in Ghana.

The most dynamic awakening comes as a result of the MOF Proposal submitted to the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) in April 2019 — the MOF “Right to Return Baptism” or, “The Return Baptism” Atonement and Spiritual Healing Proposal. “The Return Baptism” was performed this past Emancipation Celebration in the Slave River at Assin Manso, where ancestral African captives took their last bath, before being shipped to the Americas as slaves.

Dr. Maulana Maulana of the MOF

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The Return Baptism” is meant to debunk the debasing of our captured ancestors “Last Bath” in the Slave Rivers of Ghana, before being shipped as slaves to the Americas. It is meant to give dignity to our fallen African Ancestors, by their descendant children returning home after spending 400 years in bondage – captivity, in a foreign land that was not theirs (Genesis chapter. 15, 13:14).

But, now, these “Lost” and “Found” Children (Ezekiel 37 Valley of the Dry Bones) have repatriated back to their Motherland. As aforementioned in the above paragraph, “The Return Baptism” in Ghana’s rivers is meant to ‘Symbolize‘ and ‘Legitimize‘ today’s African Descendants of the 400 years Trans – Atlantic Slave Trade, “Right to Return.” These children are coming back Not as Beggars to their Motherland.

They are coming back home with “Great Riches” and “Substance,” bringing $billions and skills as an added value to Ghana’s National Development or GDP.

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Note: The Slave dungeons at Cape Coast Castle’s “Door of No Return” today, has now become “The Return Door” for repatriation of “African Descendants of the Trans – Atlantic Slave Trade.” Thus, to this end, “The Return Baptism” Ceremony is in concert with this divine principle.

Today, this means the Spirits of African Ancestors are still Alive and Real in all African river bodies.

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In furtherance of MOF’s “The Return Baptism” Ceremony performed in the Slave River at Assin Manso, it has become crystal clear that, after researching many river bodies in Ghana; that all the major river bodies in Ghana, for that matter, in Africa, were tainted by the Trans – Atlantic Slave Trade of Africans. That is, moving African captives from the interior, having to cross many river bodies, before arriving at the Atlantic Coast Line.

MOF is the Champion of Dual Citizenship for Africans of the Diaspora. They made history in Ghana around December 28, 2016, when for the first time in Africa, they along with H.E. Nii Kwesi Quartey – Vice Chairman of the African Union, facilitated 34 Africans of the Diaspora to be Granted Ghanaian Citizenship, formally giving them the “RIGHT to RETURN”.

Source: Ministry of Future, Ghana

1987 video of Ama Ata Aidoo — legendary African woman author from Ghana

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