Isidore Kpotufe tells all about the buy-now-pay-later initiative​, according to Isidore Kpotufe, is here to ensure that the fact that you don’t have enough money to buy something you need does not prevent you from having it. Many items, from cars to houses and household appliances such as fridges, microwaves, and day-to-day gadgets such as smartphones and laptops are too expensive for most people to pay for all at once.

Westcape has therefore launched a website that you can visit at to make it possible to buy these items and pay at a later date.

According to the company’s CEO, Isidore Kpotufe, “ is not your typical e-commerce platform. We are positioning to be a lifestyle product – one that is intently designed to address the everyday needs of people. Whatever your needs are, count on us to deliver. Apart from our ‘Pay Later’ offering, we are innovating new ways of empowering people to acquire whatever they need, even if they don’t have the cash to pay for it all at once.”

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What is Westcape Pay Later?

With Pay Later, you buy the item and pay back in monthly installments of between 2-24 months. You must meet certain basic requirements such as having proof of regular income. On Westcape Pay Later, you will find different types of products ranging from household appliances, electronic gadgets, and clothing; even assets such as homes and lands.

How to use Westcape Pay Later?

To buy and pay later, visit, search for the item you want to buy, compare the different repayment options available and click the “Pay Later” button.

Why use Westcape Pay Later?

The company has made it a point to offer consumers irresistible incentives, some of which include: free delivery, free installation, free after-sales support and maintenance, and flexible repayment terms. Aside these: “you are likely to find all the companies that sell on credit in Accra on, offering you unparalleled freedom of choice. The company is partnering with international payment service providers in order to expand across Africa,” said Isidore Kpotufe.

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Also, general merchandise companies can use to offer their products to consumers on credit. According to Westcape’s CEO, the company has designed innovative technology solutions that empower financial services providers, hire purchase companies and small businesses to broaden their marketing reach, automate and increase sales and improve customer service with no upfront budgetary costs.

We want to empower African businesses to become e-commerce giants by equipping them with the most effective SMS and email marketing, payment, and credit reference solutions,” the CEO explained. To find out more about Westcape Pay Later, visit

Source: Rollins Benaiah, Digital Media Consultant

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