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Teenage girls to launch Africa’s first private space satellite

They may be teenagers, but 17-year-old Brittany Bull and 16-year-old Sesam Mngqengqiswa have grand ambitions — to launch Africa’s first private satellite into space. They are part of a team of high school girls from Cape Town, South Africa, who have designed and built payloads for a satellite that will orbit over the earth’s poles scanning Africa’s surface. Once in …

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Teen girls to create Africa’s first private satellite

Cape Town – Africa’s first private satellite will be launched in 2016. But scientists and engineers will not be behind this bold move – it is being powered by a group of South African high school girls. Pupils from across Cape Town on Youth Day attended the launch of the ambitious project, run by the Meta Economic Development Organisation (Medo). A …

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South African National Space Agency and CNES of France Sign MoU

South African National Space Agency

The South African National Space Agency (SANSA) and the French national space agency (CNES) have signed an agreement outlining future space cooperation between the two countries. The agreement was signed on February 28 in Pretoria by France’s Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs, Jean-Yves Le Drian, South Africa’s Minister of International Relations and Cooperation Lindiwe Sisulu, Jean-Pascal Le Franc, CNES …

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Why African Governments need to budget more for Outer Space

outer space

The concept of outer space may mean nothing to the common man in the streets of Lagos, Johannesburg, Nairobi and Cairo. Africa’s most pressing challenges include poverty, inadequate health care, poor infrastructure and education. In essence, governments in Africa should give priority and commit resources to address these pressing challenges. It may sound Utopian to ask African governments to pursue …

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African Innovation and Integration of WordCamp Conferences


WordCamp attendee William Derek Jackson is of the opinion that the unmistakable truth to mastering technology is understanding the reality that 80% of all tech careers require the ability to read and comprehend the written word, no matter what language. African nations are realizing the empowerment of thought leadership using tech. There can be several hundred dialects and language nuances …

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First home-designed cube satellite by Kenya launched into space


Kenya joins the list of African nations with space ambitions launching its home-designed satellite on May 11, 2018. The cube satellite will be launched from the Japanese module of the International Space Station. It was brought there by a SpaceX rocket during an April re-supply mission. The cube satellite will be utilized in various sectors including weather forecasting, food security …

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The rise of Artificial Intelligence in Africa

Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) was first coined in 1956 by the scientist John McCarthy at Dartmouth College. Nearly 60 years later, it is now enjoying a major resurgence thanks to the exponential increases in computing power, the development of more sophisticated algorithms and the vast availability of data. The convergence of these technological developments has fueled AI’s rapid progress, making it …

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Ghana telescope heralds first pan-African array


In a milestone for African astronoy, engineers have converted an old telecommunications dish in Ghana into the continent’s first functioning radio telescope outside South Africa.   The telescope, in Kuntunse near Accra, is the first of an array of such instruments expected to be built across Africa over the next five years and forms part of long-term plans to develop …

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Ethiopia looks to the sky in first East Africa space program

ENTOTO, ETHIOPIA – High above the crowded streets of Addis Ababa, among fields where farmers lead oxen dragging wooden plows, sits Ethiopia’s space program. Perched atop the 3,200-meter-tall (10,500-foot) Mount Entoto, two metal domes house telescopes, each a meter in diameter. Operational for only a few months, the specialized equipment — the first in East Africa — has propelled Ethiopia into …

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Netflix Watch Out, ShowMax arrives in Africa

A newly-launched South African video-streaming service has the whole country abuzz as locals wait for Netflix to arrive. Called ShowMax, it could derail Netflix’s plans not only in South Africa but across the African continent. ShowMax is a new division of South African media giant Naspers, whose DStv satellite service is the continent’s dominant broadcaster with some 10.2-million customers across 50 …

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